NEXT LEFT VOL. VIII: Framing a New Progressive Narrative

Published: April 2014

"Framing a New Progressive Narrative" is the 8th volume of the successful FEPS Next Left Book series within the framework of FEPS Next Left Programme, chaired by Dr. Alfred GUSENBAUER. The very rich, academically excellent and politically inspiring material gathered in here represents the contributions that had been received in the FEPS Next Left Symposium that under the same title was held at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona on 9th – 11th May 2013. More here.

Back to Earth. Reconecting people and politics

Published: April 2014

In this pamphlet, innovative new research from BritainThinks reveals that change must be rooted in an understanding of what citizens feel is wrong with politics. When asked what they’d most like to change about politics, people talked about changing politicians themselves: who they are, the way that they talk and act, and the kinds of issues they prioritise. But the solutions that really hit home were those that ultimately put power back in the hands of people, making them more connected to decision-making. Power needs to be recognised at a local level before people will feel that they have a stake nationally. More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL.VII: In the Name of Political Union – Europarties on the Rise

Published: March 2014

This is the 7th volume of the book series, “In the Name of Political Union: Europarties on the Rise” presents an enthralling collection of valuable contributions, which paint an accurate panorama of political and partisan landscape on the EU level. Thanks to their interdisciplinary and pan-European character they make a strong case that there is a potential further development of the europarties and that a progressive family has a full potential to become protagonist of this process. More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL. VI: For a New Social Deal

Published: February 2014

“Next Left: For a New Social Deal” is the 6th volume of the popular “Next Left” book series and includes articles that translate progressive values into a new narrative. A New Social Deal that emerges on the pages of this book is primarily about constructing a compromise establishing a new equilibrium between financial capitalism and the aspirations of societies. Therefore, the principle of ‘equality of autonomy of individuals’ is being examined from the angle of people’s empowerment that as essential to enable people to decisively shape and become part of a new contract-based community. This is inseparable from our commitment to solidarity and social justice; all are included and can benefit from progress and prosperity created together. A New Social Deal is therefore essentially about re-linking society, politics and economy; ensuring that politics regains its legitimacy and that it regains the primacy over economy on behalf of the people. More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL. V: Building New Communities. Notes from the Transatlantic Dialogue of Dialogues

Published: October 2012

“Next Left: Building New Communities. Notes from the Transatlantic Dialogue of Dialogues” captures the leading threads of the inspiring debate on the future of progressivism from three continents. Being an outcome of a high level workshop, which was held in April 2012 at Harvard Law School and which marks the establishment of cooperation between FEPS, Renner Institut and IGLP – Institute for Global Law and Policy of HLS, this book constitutes an important reading for all those seeking a progressive alternative worldwide. More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL. IV: Progressive values for the 21st century

Published: Brussels 2011

This book represents a bold attempt to offer a progressive ideological framework that would adequately shape the policy agenda and our movement in modern times. The book succeeds in translating complex, philosophical and relatively abstract deliberations into audacious policy recommendations to frame the next social deal and new socio-economic paradigm. More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL. III: Towards a new strategy

Published: Brussels 2011

Towards a New Strategy constitutes the 3rd Volume of the Next Left Books’ Series. This book shifts the focus from critical analyses of the crisis of social democracy to proposals on what it could become in order to be a leading political force in the 21st century. It is synthesis of one year-long research and the book reflects the main threads of 4 colloquiums organized by FEPS gathering more than 150 high level scholars. Download here.


Europe's Left in the Crisis


Published: Fabian Society, London, 2011

The two decades of the constant institutional and socio-economic reforms on the European level did not generate sufficient public support to lift the EU from its paralyzing crisis and hence to proceed to the next stage of integration. These outstanding contributions by Roger Liddle, Alfred Gusenbauer and Jessica Atto (among others) seek to find the answers to the question “what next?” More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL. II: The Leaders' Visions For Europe's Future

Published: Brussels 2010.

2009 was a turning point for social democracy across the continent. After numerous disappointing electoral results, in particular the European elections, it has become an imperative to discuss the reasons for decline in support of leftwing parties. This book is composed of 28 groundbreaking leaders’ speeches on the future of social democracy in 2009. More here.

NEXT LEFT VOL. I: Contributions to a European-wide debate

Published: Brussels 2009.

This book aims to stimulate further debate. The collected contributions mirror major trends in the pan-European debate on the future of the left. The "Next Left" project bridges reflections on the state of social democracy today with inspiring debates on possible future scenarios. The book collects reflections from academics, politicians and media representatives and provides a multidimensional analysis. More here.