About Ania


Graduated Cum Laude in 2009 for her Ph.D in political sciences at the University of Warsaw,

works as Senior Research Fellow

at FEPS - Foundation for European Progressive Studies.



Born in Warsaw (Poland) in 1979, Ania A. Skrzypek (Skrzypek-Claassens) hold Ph.D. Cum Laude from Warsaw University, which she obtained on the bases of her thesis "Cooperation of socialist and social democratic parties in the uniting Europe. From Liaison Bureau to PES 1957 - 2007". This work had been defended in 2009 at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism of Warsaw University and was subsequently published as a book in 2010.

As a researcher in European Studies she specializes in the political history of the European Union, party political systems across Europe and contemporary political thought. Her recent work evolves around the questions of ideological fundaments of Social Europe, feasiblity of European Social Deal and potential evolution of the euro-partisan system in the light of the Lisbon Treaty.

Ania had studied at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism of Warsaw University, spending also a year as an Erasmus student at the Free University of Berlin in Germany. After having graduated with M.A. in political sciences with specialisation of political marketing at the in 2003, Ania had obtained a Ph.D. scholarship and continued working at the Faculty as a younger lecturer. She held courses on sociology and sociology of organizations, being also a coordinator of the research group of social psychology and philosophy. Currently she remains an external reviewer of "Przeglad Europejski" of the Institute of European Studies of Warsaw University.

Before joining the Foundation for European Progressive Studies in 2009, Ania served in years 2005 - 2009 as twice concecutively elected secretary general of ECOSY – Young European Socialists. In this capacity she represented the member youth organization in all socialist entities on the European level and organized many international activities, debates and campaigns, amongst them "Social Europe for everyone".

The mandate in ECOSY, followed her mandate in FMS - Federacja Mlodych Socjaldemokratow, of which Ania had been a founding member. In 2004 and 2009 Ania stood as an independent candidate on the lists of SLD-UP in Warsaw district in the European Elections 2004 and 2009.

Ania published several Polish and international works, of which total number exceeds 50 printed pieces. They include: books (such as: history of ECOSY entitled “With the socialists for jobs, peace and freedom" (2008) and "History of the Party of European Socialists 1957 to 2009" (2010)); articles and reviews.

Working with FEPS, Ania as Senior Research Fellow is responsible, amongst others, for the “Next Left” research programme. It was launched in June 2009 and is chaired by Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer (former Chancellor of Austria). She is co-editor of the Next Left book series, was Editing Manager of the FEPS Scientific Magazine "Queries" (2010 - 2012) and co-cordinates FEPS YAN - FEPS Young Academics Network.

Ania's hobbies involve politics, history, literature, sports and learning languages. She passed language exams on profinciency levels in five respective foreign languages (English, French, German, Russian and Dutch), and is currently learning Spanish.



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