Isaac Newton’s famous book Opticks concludes with a set of “Queries”. These Queries are not questions in the ordinary sense, but rather rhetorical questions intended to stimulate thinking. This was Newton’s mode of explaining “by query”. Queries is also the Scientific Magazine of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), with Ania Skrzypek as its Managing Editor. This project has ended.


#9 - 2013: Democracy taking the Next Turn


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#8 - 2012: The Next Mission of Cosmpolitan Social Democracy


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#7 - 2012: The Next Women's Move

This issue of “Queries” shows deliberations on the threats and opportunities for the feminist cause nowadays. Bringing together European and American perspectives, it presents the aims that need to be achieved by progressives worldwide if they are to champion equality in the 21st century and safeguard herewith their raison d’être. More here.

#6 - 2011: Asia: What's next?

It is commonly repeated that the post-War order belongs to the past, as it no longer mirrors reality and its institutional set-up has proven incapable of responding to the challenges of modern times. Beyond any doubt, the so-called “BRICS” countries will play a crucial role in writing the next chapter of global governance – which is why FEPS turns its attention to one of them: India. More here.

#5 - 2011: Social Progress in the 21st Century

A decade into the new century, Europe is beset by a striking mood of social pessimism. 49% of EU citizens believe they will be worse off in 20 years time, with majorities perceiving the rise of emerging economies as direct threats to their living standards. Such anxiety presents a particularly dehabilitating political problem for social democracy. More here.

#4 - 2011: The Next Global Deal

The disastrous consequences of the recent financial, economic and social crisis exposed the bankruptcy of today’s’ world order, dictated by a neo-liberal ideology. Its obvious inability to respond to global challenges makes it inadequate for the 21st century. Realizing this, one needs to call for a new, feasible agenda. For progressives this call is both a challenge and a chance to present our NEXT Global Deal. More here.


#3 - 2010: What comes before, what comes NEXT

Last summer one of the great minds of our times passed away, TONY JUDT, leaving us with an outstanding and obliging intellectual testament "Ill fares the land". In his work this brilliant scolar and universalist socialist required from us to follw a double folded strategy: carr on a serious inlettectual conversation and rebuild the strength of social democracy. This issue of queries responds to that call. More here.

#2 - 2010: The next wave of emancipation

Since the beginning FEPS has been strongly involved in a debate on gender equality, which in fact was one of the very first projects that it established. This issue reviews the history of the struggle for gender equality in national member states, in Europe and elaborates on the progressive agenda for the future. More here.

#1 - 2010: Next Left, Next Europe


In 2009, FEPS launched a call for papers addressing PhD and PhD candidates to elaborate on how they saw Europe in a decade, within the framework of its [Next Left] programme, run under the leadership of former Austrian Chancellor Alfred GUSENBAUER. The first release of Queries contains a selection of the most interesting pieces. More here.